Gias Pierro is the head of the Collector's Guild in Wroat. He is notable as one of the most powerful men in Wroat.

Personality Edit

Gias is a highly pragmatic individual, who likely engages in illegal and nefarious dealings. He requested a number of terms, possibly to have particular officials "look the other way", in exchange for providing magical items to the military, suggesting that he engages in non-legal enterprises. He has a sense of entitlement, in that when his guild was wronged through the theft of a magical ring, he demanded personal satisfaction in terms of the perpetrators dancing for him in the streets to earn him money. He respects family, as he was quick to defend his cousin against casual acquaintances, easily taking his side over theirs. This is seen when Caspian made a good impression on Gias during a dinner in the Citadel of Wroat, but did not take kindly to a subordinate of Caspian having stolen his cousin's ring.

The Siege of WroatEdit

During the Siege of Wroat, Gias was a member of the Temporary War Council which replaced the War Council during Colonel Orlan's insurrection. He was not arrested or charged, but was besmirched during Caspian's speech to regain control of the Free Cities Military in the city. This seemed to have little impact, as the siege was shortly thereafter concluded, with most military men having little to no influence on the reputation of Gias in the city.

Meeting with the HeroesEdit

Gias first encountered the heroes as a potential antagonist, when Coppar, aided by Donald, stole his cousin [NAME]'s magical Ring of Teleportation. He demanded some form of recompense for their actions, as well as the return of the ring. Their officer of the time, Captain Borvik, returned the ring promptly and ordered them to dance in the streets for Gias' amusement - all proceeds going towards the collector's guild. Both Coppar and Donald performed well, bringing in more than a few Silver Talents worth of income.

Later, Gias would meet with Knight, then in disguise as the Lord Praetor Farren, and Caspian. They requested from him access to a number of magical items for their respective missions to end the Siege of Wroat. He would comply, and then after some persuasion, offer some very rare magical items in exchange for a number of terms to be agreed upon with General Bastion. Bastion would then inform the two of them that the terms would be rejected.