Ramodo Gritti is the owner of the Dwarven Gale Tavern. He is described as a burly human, has a gruff voice and a firm handshake.

Meeting with the HeroesEdit

Ramodo was first encountered by Caspian during the Dinner at the Citadel. It was there he promised to arm wrestle Caspian again in the future at his Tavern.

He was later met again when Caspian decided to meet with him to settle their arm-wrestle deal. It was during this meeting that Caspian encountered Coppar during his infamous Carousing of Wroat. Coppar challenged both Caspian and Ramodo to a drinking contest. During the contest, both Caspian and Ramodo performed so poorly that they passed out in their own vomit, to be later found by Erevan who did not wake them up.

During the Siege of Wroat Edit

Ramodo Gritti received a letter signed off by "Your friend in the Military", describing how in three days time the city would become besieged by Dragonborn forces. This is after strict instructions were given to all members of the military to withhold this information in order to not cause a panic. Ramodo did not leave the city and is presumed to have remained in the city, having met with Caspian and Coppar during the siege.